Medium format image of a butterfly looking at its own reflection on a piece of glass, taken on a Rolleiflex TLR

Black plastic legs of a model in a garish shopping mall


Swallows over marbella, Spain

Puerto Banus Street Sellers

Hard-working street-sellers in Puerto Banus, taken on medium format rolleiflex film

La Feria de Abril, Marbella

Members of the procession in Marbella's Feria de Abril discuss proceedings in alley

La Feria de Abril

La Feria de Abril in spain, carrying a float of the Virgin Mary down the backstreets

La Feria

La Feria de Abril, Marbella, shot on medium format Rolleiflex film

Coffee Cup

Medium format image of a coffee cup

Second Row

back alleys of Puerto Banus where wheeler-dealers muster

Foreign Tarts

The front line in Puerto Banus - a local spanish family look disapprovingly at the scantily clad English tourists

Olüdeniz, Turkey

Olüdeniz, Turkey


A girl on a beach approaches beautiful blue ocean waves on the Turquoise Coast, Turkey

Cornwall, UK


Backcountry snowboarding and skiing paradise: Mont Fort, Swiss Alps - a view of the Matterhorn and Dent Blanche - near Verbier and Nendaz

Verbier, Swiss Alps

Verbier, Swiss Alps

Mijas, Andalusia, Spain

Mijas, Andalusia, Spain

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