Portrait of Chiara Brokaw (detail)

Portrait of Chiara Brokaw AKA Apricity

Can a Portrait be Alive?

How could a human genuinely feel more human in two-dimensional oil paint than in sweating, mumbling, digesting, breeding, dying biology? Perhaps the experience of being human is one which is constantly measured against the inhuman, the feeling of cold


Brittney Skye Dillon - Ophelia

Contemporary dancer Brittney Skye Dillon in rehearsal

Roseanna Frascona

Dark portrait of actress and model Rosie Frascona

Emma Lauran

Portrait of artist Emma Lauran

Georgia Buchannan

Fashion photograph of Georgia Buchannan aka pop singer Callmeloop

Jazz Hallam

Orange and pink light floods an industrial warehouse wall behind fashion model Jazz Hallam


Portrait headshot of female pop artist and singer RIKA


A gore-covered but emotional Madonna, drawing upon the Pieta images of the Renaissance - Bronzino, Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonarotti

Michelle O Faith

Portrait photograph of singer and artist Michelle O Faith

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