Film pieces and projects by Tom Rowland. Music videos, projections and the award-winning film Primitive

Falling Man - Beta

Dance - Falling Man - Beta


Falling Man - Gamma

Falling Man


Don't look now - Nic Roeg RIP

RIP Nic Roeg, one of the greatest film directors. I love ‘Don’t Look Now’. Although the film primarily deals with loss and the unbearable reality of human powerlessness in the face of tragedy, as the lead couple struggle in vain to reclaim their past it


Love and Meaning in the End: The Final Shot of 'Rocky'

This is a still from the final shot of the final scene of the legendary film 'Rocky', and for certain reasons I think it is one of the greatest ever moments in cinematography: It's a classic film which for many of us was first…


Murphy's Law

UPDATE* The video is now live on Youtube, please like and share! My current project is artwork and a music video for the release of the track 'Murphy's Law' by a great new band called James King and the Regals, whom I also shot…


The Return of The Blog

So after an 18 month break I have decided to start filing blog posts again. In this hiatus, I realised I have been building up quite a bank of topics, meditations, and anecdotes to write about, so if you follow my visual / audio work, watch this space…


From New York to York: 'Primitive' is Screening at Aesthetica Film Festival

If you are in York in November, come and see my debut film 'Primitive' at the Aesthetica Film Festival. most recent screening since the Lincoln Center, NYC, I am really pleased with the film's reception on the festival circuit. This film festival is run…


MUSIC VIDEO: Dreamers 

Music promo video for 'Dreamers' by OFEI


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